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Fairfax Parking Management Specialist

Fairfax Parking Management Specialist, Including Towing, Striping, and Full Coverage

Fairfax parking management specialist JDR Towing JDR Towing Inc. is a full service Parking Enforcement Company that understands managing a community’s parking problem is a tedious balance of public relations, and necessary precaution. Our positive reputation in an industry that is typically held in contempt has carried us very far. We feel confident when stating “There is not another company that can provide you and your residents the level of service that comes standard with JDR Towing Inc.”


Our staff of professionals are courteous, and very knowledgeable in the industry. The office staff has the hardest job in our organization. We expect every effort to be made by our staff to ensure the best customer service is provided to anyone who works with our organization. Our drivers are experienced, understanding, and honest. Our management team works with everyone to understand every aspect of the industry. JDR always takes into consideration people may not know the rules and is always available to answer any questions regarding the industry.

Doing the Job We Agreed to Do

JDR believes with the turnover of private property and our ever expanding metropolitan area it is not likely parking problems will ever cease to exist. However we do know from experience that it is possible to “train” the pubic in regards to parking. We currently serve several communities where parking was a problem, but now finding vehicles to impound are few and far between. In essence, we have trained the community how to park. We attend management, and H.O.A. meetings regularly. We want to be available for comments or questions from the community we are servicing. We want to help explain the misconceptions between have a parking problem and having a towing problem. We as a team are willing to do whatever it takes to help resolve your parking issues. The bottom line is “We do our job.”


JDR Towing carries a full line of coverage appropriate for a Fairfax parking management specialist. Vehicles that are towed are covered during the pick-up process. Coverage continues to the impound lot or designated tow area. A copy of our insurance certificate will be provided upon request. JDR Towing carries all insurance, licenses, and permits that are required by the state of Virginia and local county governments.

All fees for towing and storage are the responsibility of the vehicle owner in violation of the parking regulations.

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